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Total Raised online: £2,140.00
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Charlie Pitcher

Hello and Welcome from Charlie Pitcher

In the early months of January 2013, I aim to break the World Record of 40 days and 10 hours for the fastest crossing of the Atlantic Ocean solo and completely unassisted in a rowing boat.

The Atlantic crossing is something I have already completed back in 2010, however I know the World Title is within my grasp as well as this challenge lending itself as another perfect opportunity to continue raising money for charity.

In February 2012, I had the chance to join the C Group Arctic Challenge in Norway, whereby my connection and understanding of the Royal Marines and what they do was really strengthened. In particular, I became extremely aware of the hardships endured to those Marines who have sustained severe injuries on operations whilst serving for their country and then return at a huge disadvantage both physically and in their occupation.

The C Group provides what is a fantastic means to help rehabilitate those injured Royal Marines back into business and 'normal life' as it were.

I aim to raise at least £100,000 for my chosen charities and hope you can support this fantastic cause in some way or another.




About The C Group

The C Group is a Royal Marines charity which mobilises the business and wider communities to support wounded Royal Marines and Marines in need whilst they are serving and in transition to civilian life and thereafter. To date, 73 Royal Marines have been killed in Iraq and Afghanistan and 238 have been wounded in action, a significant proportion of which have life-changing injuries. Lift as you Climb - we are a unique organisation which seeks value in kind support from the business community typified by mentoring, training, work placements and job opportunities for former Royal Marines. Lifeline for a Lifetime: fundraising for The C Group means that we will provide specialist equipment to aid the mobility of some of the worst injured men, rehabilitation equipment, specialist training to help them get established in civilian life and adventure therapy opportunities to rebuild confidence, fitness and to ease the stress of long hours of remedial training in the gym.

Ways in which the C Group have helped during the past 6 months – MOBILITY EQUIPMENT: The C Group provided Cpl Phil Eaglesham with a Segway which was adapted for his use and has given him the chance to be much more mobile and interact more with family and friends. Corporal Eaglesham said, “ The Segway has meant that I have been able to get to places that were previously unthinkable. I have been to London with my wife, on Dartmoor with the lads at Hasler Company and it has given me a sense of independence again. I am looking forward to the summer as I will be able to go out with my children on their bikes. These are only a few of the changes that the Segway has brought to my life and I could go on forever trying to explain how much it has meant to me and I still wouldn’t do it justice”. ADVENTURE THERAPY: the C Group funded a week at Pentillie Castle which boosted moral for the Hasler Lads: “I was getting a bit thredders with the same routine of physio each day, to get out of camp and have a laugh with some good lads was great, the fishing was the best as it was so chilled out, I didn’t catch anything but who cares”. Read more at WORK EXPERIENCE AND JOBS: Former Marine Mark Hancock has recently been employed by Solve-IT, Exeter following IT training, supported by The C Group and a work experience placement at the company/ Cpl Holden will be working with Kier Western initially on work experience but with a view to joining their construction management scheme/Through Hasler Company, CSgt Arundel 4 Rifles was introduced to the Water Chariots Company and is now skippering his own canal barge on the Olympic Village Approaches/ Mne Brookbank of Hasler Company has taken up the post of Environmental Projects Officer with Yeo Valley Farms and is much appreciated by Garth and his team/ AB Mark Maungu has competed work experience and is now on training with Transport 4 London and will take up a management post with them in September/Capt Richard Sharp contacted us with a wish to work in the field of finance within the London area. He is currently undergoing an internship with the Bank of England, City of London/ Mark Hancock said, “When I was medically discharged I was suddenly faced with the prospect of considering what I was now going to do workwise which was pretty daunting. With the help of The C Group and its fantastic supporters I soon realised that I wasn’t alone in this and had great backing to help me make my next step. Finding employment at Solve iT has been a dream come true and demonstrated that there is life after the Royal Marines.” For more details please visit or call 01392 414387.


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