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Graham Sutton

Hello and Welcome from Graham Sutton

UPDATE - 8 July 2012
I did my 50kms (31.3miles) walk in the Chichester Challenge.

After a really wet week, the course was always going to be more challenging underfoot – and so it was. Sections of the path, up to 20 yards long, were turned into mini-lakes covered in up to 3” of water; other sections were mudbaths with mud slurry up to 3” deep; also, we had rain for about the first two hours and then some heavy downpours during the afternoon - it all made for an interesting day!

The event’s longest walking course was 42kms, which I extended by another 8kms as I was doing 50kms to raise funds for the Brent Lodge Wildlife Hospital. Finishing around 5:20pm, I did my 31 miles in 9 hours and 4 minutes – a time I was pleased with, especially given the conditions. Photo attached of the awarding of the certificate, just to prove I did it!

This page will stay open for a few more months yet, so any help you can give is much appreciated by me and Brent Lodge. Thanks a lot,

Thanks for visiting my fundraising page.

It is quick, easy and secure to sponsor me through my page on bmycharity, who will process donations, claim gift aid for the charity (if the donor is eligible) and pass donations directly on to Brent Lodge.

Well - as you can see from the pic below - I am no 'spring chicken' but now retired enough to really want to give time to help others. So, I'm planning some longish walks for people and charities I care about, who need and deserve our help - the sort of people and charities that make a difference to our lives and, by supporting me, you can make a difference to their lives.

A local charity we have supported for years is Brent Lodge Wildlife Hospital for injured wild birds and animals, which is funded entirely by voluntary contributions and run by a team of few staff and many volunteers. The hospital treats around 3,000 injured birds and animals every year and makes no charge for its services.

To raise money for Brent Lodge, I am doing a walk of 50kms (31 miles) on the South Downs on 8 July 2012 in the Chichester Challenge - a tough challenge for a very deserving local charity. If like me, you enjoy seeing our Great British wildlife in the wild, then please help me to help Brent Lodge Wildlife Hospital continue its dedicated and tireless work of treatment, rehabilitation and release of injured wild birds and animals.

I really appreciate all your support and a BIG THANK YOU for any donation.


About Brent Lodge Wildlife Trust

Brent Lodge Wildlife Hospital has been caring for sick, injured and orphaned wildlife for over 40 years. Based in Sidlesham, near Chichester in West Sussex on the south coast of England, each year we treat over 3,000 sick, orphaned, and injured wildlife casualties brought to the hospital from Sussex, Hampshire, and often further afield. About 2,500 of these patients are birds, about 500 hedgehogs, plus a few deer, badgers, etc. Many of these patients are the victims of the actions of mankind. Our patients include road accident casualties; victims of poisoning, pollution, or environmental damage; victims of deliberate cruelty; and victims of accidents sustained in man-made environments.

At Brent Lodge, we do our best to redress the balance. Our aim is to treat, care for, and rehabilitate these patients so that they can be released back to the wild, where they belong. As well as treating all patients brought to the hospital, we also handle hundreds of requests for help and information via phone calls and email. We also work with schools & other organisations to educate about the risks and dangers faced by our wildlife, and to spread knowledge about simple things that can be done to help. It costs us over £20 an hour, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, to run Brent Lodge. We receive no government funding, and in order to survive, we are entirely dependent on donations from the public. If you would like to help us continue to save wildlife in need, please consider making a donation or supporting the activities of our fundraisers. Thank you!


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