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Hello and Welcome!

Azafady is a UK registered charity (No. 1079121) and Malagasy NGO working with the deprived communities of South-east Madagascar, seeking to alleviate the region’s extreme poverty whilst protecting the rapidly depleting, biologically rich natural resources that the Malagasy people are dependent upon.

Lack of access is a characteristic that plagues the people of Madagascar, 77% of whom live on under $1.25 a day. Access to education, health care and even safe drinking water is incredibly limited, with infant mortality shockingly as high as 4 in 10 in the region of Anosy where Azafady is based. Madagascar is also one of the world’s top conservation priorities, with 80% of its animal and plant species found nowhere else on earth. In fact, lemurs, indigenous only to the island of Madagascar are now the most endangered mammal in the world. However, while it may be an environmentally abundant region, deforestation from slash-and-burn agriculture and other pressures threatens the continued existence of local flora and fauna, some of which is used in the UK to cure childhood Leukaemia.

Azafady understands the inevitable interaction between poverty and the environment, and creates projects that work within the impoverished communities to find the best livable solutions to their problems, through the help of international teams of volunteers and the employment of around 70 local Malagasy staff.

Do something amazing with your time by volunteering with us in Madagascar. Your support will not only help to ensure the continuation of threatened species on the brink of extinction, but will also implement sustainable ways of living for the Malagasy communities to drastically improve their living standards, whilst having an unforgettable time of course! With four volunteer options to choose from, our projects that run from 2-10 weeks will allow you to gain hands-on experience on the frontline of an international grassroots sustainable development organisation. Get involved in school and well building, health and sanitation projects, sustainable livelihood initiatives, vital conservation research and teaching English to eager classes of students and unemployed adults.

Alternatively, we actively welcome any donations, big or small, to support our work out in Madagascar.

For more information about our projects or on how to join one of our teams in Fort Dauphin, please contact Tegan Jones at or by calling +44(0)20 8960 6629.

(Registered Charity Number: 1079121)


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