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British Services Antarctic Expedition 2012

Hello and Welcome from British Services Antarctic Expedition 2012

“To Strive, To Seek, To Find, And Not To Yield”

The last line from Lord Tennyson’s poem ‘Ulysses’, engraved on the Scott expedition memorial cross on observation hill, McMurdo Sound, Antarctica.

The British Armed Services will mount an expedition to the Antarctic Peninsula in late December 2011. The expedition will be mounted in the 100th anniversary year of the ill fated expedition of Captain Robert Falcon Scott (Royal Navy) and will form the key element of the British military contribution to mark this anniversary. In keeping with the heroic efforts of the 1910-1913 Scott expedition, the British Services Antarctic Expedition 2012 aims to raise money for modern day military heroes. We aim to raise at least £25,000 for the charity 'Help for Heroes' in conjunction with this endeavour. Please give generously as all funds raised on this website will go straight to the charity.

Rather than follow in the footsteps of the great explorer the expedition will instead attempt an expedition in the ‘spirit’ of the great explorer. The ‘Spirit of Scott’ expedition will therefore attempt to ‘explore remote areas of the Antarctic Peninsula, seeking to further the bounds of human exploration and knowledge’, very much in keeping with the ethos of the 1910-1913 expedition.

The expedition will sail from Chile in the 75 foot yacht Australis and cross the infamous Drake Passage to the Antarctic Peninsula. Once on the peninsula the expedition will follow Scott’s model by setting up a base from which to explore from and then conduct a series of expeditions and in order to conduct scientific research and to make some daring ascents of previously unclimbed peaks.

Expedition website.

About Help for Heroes

What is H4H all about? It's about the blokes, our men and women of the Armed Forces. It's about Derek, a rugby player who has lost both his legs, it about Carl whose jaw is wired up so he has been drinking through a straw. It's about Richard who was handed a mobile phone as he lay on the stretcher so he could say goodbye to his wife. It's about Ben, it's about Steven and Andy and Mark, it's about them all. They are just blokes but they are our blokes; they are our heroes. We want to help our heroes.

Please note, the Bmycharity website will be closing on 31st December 2015. Help for Heroes can no longer create new fundraising pages (however, donations to existing pages are accepted until the closure). If you would like to create a fundraising page in support of H4H, please visit

If you have any questions at all, or want to talk through the transition process, please contact Bmycharity on 01980 846459 or


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