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Total Raised online: £2,005.05
Total Raised offline: £50.00
Fundraising target: £1,000.00
Name Amount Gift Aid
Tania Appleton £211.05 £52.76
Andy Green £363.00 £90.75
katie smith £35.00 £0.00
Peter Saunders £90.00 £22.50
Richard Jones £10.00 £2.50
Nathan Evans £15.00 £3.75
William davies £10.00 £2.50
Kyle Holder £10.00 £2.50
Sam Hughes-Gage £10.00 £2.50
Richard Jones £301.00 £75.25
24hr Challenge

Hello and Welcome from 24hr Challenge

As part of the ‘Gym for Heroes’ challenge 6 members of the Cardiff University Sports department are aiming to each complete 24 hours continuous exercise on specific cardiovascular equipment. Due to other commitments 2 staff members cannot take part in the full 24 hours therefore Leila Hughes and Stephanie Hislop will complete the 12 hours challenge the day before. Greg Bassam, Beth Winstanley, James Fooks Richard Jones, Steve Williams and Taz Ebrahim all aim to complete the full 24 hours using either a treadmill, vertical bike, stepper, cross trainer or rowing machine with only ‘essential rests’ allowed. The rules are as follows:

· 24 (or 12) hours continuous exercise, only toilet breaks are allowed.

· 3 pieces of cardio equipment can be chosen for the challenge i.e vertical bike, treadmill and cross trainer, these can be switched between as many times within the 24 (12) hours as the individual wants.

The 12 hour will start at 8am on the 21st of July and finish at 8pm. The 24 hour challenge will start at 6pm on Friday the 22nd of July and finish at 6pm on Saturday the 23rd, both will take place at Park Place Fitness Centre, Cardiff.

The 8 of us will be looking to really push ourselves to the limit for the event and although there is no official competitive nature to the event there will be a friendly rivalry as to see who can go the furthest distance over the 12 and 24 hours. 12 and 24 hours non-stop exercise will be an un-believable feat to achieve, for some staying awake for that period will be hard enough even without the exercise! To put the event into perspective the average marathon takes between 3 and 5 hours for an average person to complete, therefore time wise the 12 hr challenge is equivalent of the completing between 2 to 4 marathons and the 24 hr challenge equates to completing between 5 or 8 marathons consecutively.

We’re aiming to raise £1000 from the event, please donate whatever you feel, we appreciate any donation no matter the size. We would also appreciate any support whilst doing the challenge, especially doing the last few hours!

About Gym For Heroes

Following the success of Gym for Heroes 2010, the event will take place again in 2011, from the 9th to 22nd July 2011.

Gym for Heroes is an endurance gym challenge held in gyms and military facilities nationwide. There is a choice of gym challenge, according to ability as well as equipment available to use. Individuals can take up the challenge either individually or as part of a team of 4 or less.

New for 2011 is Junior Gym for Heroes – where we are encouraging school children of all ages to take up the gym challenge and do their bit to raise funds and awareness for Help for Heroes.

To find out more, please visit or email
Gym for Heroes, in support of Help for Heroes. Event ID no. 20101004-5494-8404


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